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Development Applications (DA) and Construction Certificates (CC)

Development Application

A Development Application is an application for Council to consider your proposal for development. The Application Form and accompanying documentation provide Council Officers with the information required to consider if your proposal meets the legislative and Council requirements.

In certain circumstances it may be necessary to submit a Development Application to Council if you wish to build. You will also require a Construction Certificate before you can start building. You can apply for Council to process the Development Consent and Construction Certificate applications at the same time if you have finalized all construction plans and you are ready to build. Alternatively, you can have Council assess your Development Application and apply to Council or a Private Accredited Certifier for the Construction Certificate after the Development Application has been determined.

Development Application generally consist of the following:

• Architectural drawings,

• A statement of environmental effects,

• A list of other paperwork such as waste management, a cost evaluation report and other documents relevant to your particular renovations or new build.

For more complicated sites, sometimes a hydraulics engineer and structural engineer may need to be involved in order to design elements such as storm water systems and structural elements.

Construction Certificates (CC)

After obtaining development consent, in most cases a construction certificate must be obtained from Council or a private Accredited Certifier before commencing any building work including any associated demolition or excavation works.A construction certificate is basically a type of building approval which certifies that the proposed building (or subdivision) work will comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).A construction certificate also certifies that any relevant conditions of development consent, and other regulatory requirements, have been satisfied. A construction certificate (CC) can only be issued if:

  • the design and construction of the building (as shown in the construction certificate application and plans) is consistent with the development consent

  • the proposed building will comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

  • the relevant conditions of the development consent have been complied with, for example: provision of security deposits, payment of monetary contributions, BASIX energy efficiency and water saving requirements, and any conditions requiring modifications to the development, preparation and submission of specialist details and reports, or any other matters required to be submitted with the required CC

  • a number of other relevant legislative provisions have been met.

Conditions cannot generally be imposed on a construction certificate. This means the plans, specifications and associated documentation must be fully detailed and show compliance with the development consent and relevant provisions of the BCA & Australian Standards. A construction certificate can be issued by Council or a private sector Accredited Certifier who has the appropriate accreditation from the NSW Government Building Professionals Board.

Reference: Randwick City Council Certificates Construction Certificate


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