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Building Approcals


  • Our highly experienced team of certifiers are on hand to  provide providing fast, reliable, and accurate advice for completing any building project;

  • Advise whether development consent approval may be required under the Local Environment Plan;

  • Assess plans for compliance with:-

    • Building Code of Australia

    • State Environmental Planning Policies including Exempt and Complying Development Codes

    • Development Consent (Notice of Determination) issued by Council

  • Crown Building Works

    • Undertake a BCA Assessment of the concept design​

    • Provide BCA Report under the Deemed to Satisfy (D-t-S) provisions of the BCA

    • Prepare and issue a Compliance Certificate based on the archetictural documentation

    • Issue proposed fire safety schedule

    • Upon completion of works undertake a final Inspection and issue a Completion Certificate.

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