• Our highly experienced team of certifiers are on hand to  provide providing fast, reliable, and accurate advice for completing any building project;

  • Act  as the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) to ensure:-

    • All necessary approvals are in place

    • Conduct Critical State Inspections and managing building inspections

  • Advise whether development consent approval may be required under the Local Environment Plan;

  • Assess plans for compliance with:-

    • Building Code of Australia

    • State Environmental Planning Policies including Exempt and Complying Development Codes

    • Development Consent (Notice of Determination) issued by Council

  • Issue a Construction Certificate (CC) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) so you can commence work;

  • Issue an Occupation Certificate (OC);

Principal Certifying Authortity (PCA)

A PCA is required to be appointed prior to the commencement of building works. Our qualified staff will conduct an inspection of each (required) stage of construction and issue an Occupation Certificate (for any building work) when all the pre-conditions specified in the development consent have been met and the building is suitable for occupation or use in accordance with its classification under the Building Code of Australia.

Complying Development Certificates

Many types of straightforward building work don’t require applicants to submit a  DA to council in circumstances where a DA is not required then a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) can be issued in lieu of a DA/CC approval.  A Complying Development is a combined planning and construction approval where the proposed building works meet all of the pre-determined standards contained within the State’s planning documents

Construction Certificates

A Construction Certificate (CC) is required  before building works actually begins. A Construction Certificate is an approval that is required after a Development Application (DA) has been issued. It ensures that the detailed construction plans and specifications comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and  other relevant Australian standard. 

Occupation Cetificate

An Occupation Certificate is issued once building works have been completed and the Principal Certifying Authority  is satisfied that the building is suitable to occupy and satisfies the relevant requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).