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At BCA Performance we offer a range of professional services to builders, developers,  architects, building designers, and other industry consultants including - 

  • High level professional building regulation compliance and Building Code of Australia (BCA) advice on all projects at any stage of design or documentation. The BCA provides the minimum necessary requirements for safety, health, amenity and sustainability in the design and construction of new buildings and new building works on existing buildings.

  • Assistance with the preparation of plans for Development Application (DA) to be submitted to Council for development Consent Approval.

  • Organise and maintain Annual Inspections and Certification for fire measures within existing buildings and prepare an Annual Fire Safety Statement for submission to Council.

  • Carry out inspections on existing buildings and provide advice and information in regards to practical fire upgrade solutions that suits the needs of the building and it's occupants.

BCA Compliance Reports

BCA reports are often required by Council as a condition of consent.  BCA reports may also be required prior to submission to Council to ensure your proposed plan can comply to Code as designed. Having an experienced building professional carry out your BCA assessment during design may save you considerable time and money during approval and construction phases.

Fire Orders / Upgrades

Local Council can issue fire safety orders to building owners, directing them to undertake improvements. The order will list and specify the reasons for issuing the order, what needs to be done and a deadline. The building owner is responsible for ensuring the order is complied with, while tenants may have certain legal obligations under various lease/contract arrangements.

Annual Fire Safety Statements

Every 12 months an annual fire safety statement must be supplied to the Council certifying a competent fire safety practitioner has inspected the building and found that all required fire-safety measures are compliant with relevant standards.

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