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BCA Performance can assist with all stages of the annual certification process by means of monitoring, checking  and finalising all aspects from beginning (notifying contractors)  to end (compiling, endorsing) and issuing the Annual Fire Safety Statement


Annual Certification services

  • Notify contractors advising annual testing is due to commence; 

  • Provide an update report for each stage;

  • Collect contractor reports and certificates once testing is complete and assess outcomes;

  • Review all fire measures and standards are current and compare against the buildings fire schedule;

  • Provide a Division 7 inspection and report of the building (required under the latest regulations);

  • Compile and Endorse the Annual Fire Safety Statement and the Division 7 inspection as a "Competent Fire Safety Practitioner";

  • Issue the final Annual Fire Safety Statement for submission to Council and NSW Fire and Rescue;

BCA's Annual Certification Administration System (ACAS)  will store all contractor Certificates / Reports and each Annual Fire Safety Statement that's been issued with online access available to our clients if required.

Annual Fire Safety Satement

In New South Wales the fire safety systems installed within buildings are called Essential Fire Safety Measures and are an integral part of the life and safety of occupants within commercial and public buildings in the event of an emergency or fire.

Every twelve months your Annual Fire Safety Statement must be prepared and forwarded to your local Council and Fire Brigade. The Annual Fire Safety Statement must certify that a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner has inspected the building, assessed the fire safety measures, and found that the measure is capable of performing to the relevant standard.

Under the latest legislation requirements all AFSS’s issued to council must now be endorsed by a “Competent Fire Safety Practitioner” (CFSP).

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